12 Mar 2012

The Importance of a Good Process


Half a block away from our office is a small Greek restaurant. The amazing thing about this restaurant, besides the food, is the unique way they provide service everyday. If you go in at lunchtime, the line is typically out the door, but yet everyone is served within 10 minutes or less. How does this happen? A good sales process.

The customer enters restaurant, gets in line, one employee takes the order, another cooks and pulls orders together, the last rings up customers and makes sure that they have all the parts of their order. Simple, but effective. The result is a delicious product. It is delivered in a great manner within a great atmosphere for the customer.

The same logic applies in the nonprofit or small business marketing sphere. From initial email to delivery of product (or donation), your customer should be in a carefully defined process that will generate a good experience. The best way to start crafting your process is to look at your organization through the eyes of your best customer – what is their experience like? What systems can we put in place to to make that experience run better?

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Therese is the Managing Supervisor at Business Armory. She specializes in marketing systematization and is also the local food connoisseur. You can follow her @TMMaloney or @BusinessArmory. Photo Credit: Ordinary Grace