16 Aug 2012

SugarSync Makes Sense

We’ve just made our lives a whole lot easier by discovering a cloud back up service called SugarSync. It can be compared to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Sync, or Microsoft SkyDrive, but when it comes to features SugarSync has them all. SugarSync makes it possible to continuously back up all of your files across all of your devices. Once they’re synced you can access files from your laptop, desktop, work computer, smart phone, or iPad anywhere, anytime. You don’t even need an internet connection to make changes to a file that’s already synced. Then, once you get a connection the changes and updates will automatically be synced across all of your devices. That’s the beauty of it all. As SugarSync says, it’s set it and forget it!

Learn more about SugarSync and sign up for a free trial account by clicking the banner below.