27 Mar 2012

“Come Back and See Us Again Real Soon”


Customer service is a battle fought with small victories and big explosions. As any small business owner will attest to, managing customer expectations and delivering great service is one of the pillars of success. This is easy to remember (most of the time) when working directly face to face with your customers. One big mistake many small businesses and nonprofits make is not letting their customer service skills flow into their marketing plan and efforts.

For example, a few weeks ago, I went into our local Starbucks. The woman behind the counter greeted me nicely, and asked me about my day while she poured my coffee. The clincher was right before I left: she turned and said, “Come back and see me again real soon.” Think about that statement for a minute, she was personally inviting me back, not to buy more coffee, but to visit her, to see her, to connect with her.

Customer service should occur at every touch point with your customer, especially your email and online marketing, where it is much harder to make a connection. So, how do you connect authentically with your customers in your emails and social media? Three steps: Think like your customer, have a plan, and be authentic.

Let’s see this in action. For example: I’m writing this blog post to you, my potential or current customer. As I’m writing to you, I like to think we are sitting across the table from one another having a cup of coffee. I try to base the majority of my posts on questions we get from clients, trends in the market, and problems we notice. I try to make the experience less like a paper, and more like a conversation or a letter. Most importantly, I try to be authentic – authenticity is the key to great leadership.

That’s enough about me, let’s talk about getting you started. Click here to download a sample editorial calendar to help get you started in planning your social media and email marketing content.

Until next time – Come back and see us again real soon.

Therese is the Managing Supervisor at Business Armory. You can follow her on Twitter @TMMaloney or @BusinessArmory. Photo Credit Here.