20 Mar 2012

Cleaning House

Many clients come to us with one main problem: a legacy of disconnected, “one-hit wonder” marketing efforts that have achieved some success, but have stalled. We’ll blog later about the dangers of “one hit wonder” marketing, but the first step in building a successful plan and a marketing system is to review all of these past efforts, looking for patterns and writing a core story.

This process is like cleaning out an old house. You must proceed gently. Be patient, let the house introduce itself to you and you never know what you will find. The first step in moving from a one-hit wonder to a marketing system is to look for patterns. Why have these past efforts been successful individually? What is your customer (or donor) base trying to tell you?

Here are a few questions to get you started:

-Why was this promotion successful?

-What type of customers had the greatest response?

-What feedback did I receive?

-How can I replicate these positive responses?

-How can this be translated into a better customer experience?

As spring approaches, it is the perfect time to clear the marketing cobwebs and make a fresh start.

Until next time,
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Therese is the Managing Supervisor at Business Armory. You can follow her @TMMaloney or @BusinessArmory. Photo Credit Here